Born On This Day: Donny Osmond

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite singers, Donny Osmond!

Ironically, a week from today, I’m seeing Donny and Marie perform live!

A little trivia: The Donny & Marie Show was my first television memory and Donny was my first celebrity crush. My very first concert was at age 13, when I saw Donny and Marie perform at the same venue where I’ll be seeing them perform Dec. 16th! In fact, my older brother (he and I basically have the same relationship Donny has with Marie…along with some witty banter) took me to this show and as I recall, Donny ran around the entire venue during the concert. My brother then told me to pull out my hand–which I did–and as Donny ran by us, he shook it. After this moment, I literally didn’t wash my right hand for the next three days! πŸ˜€

At the top of my bucket list is to meet these down-to-earth, talented siblings, who I’ve always felt a connection with and whose humor, and music have inspired me throughout my life. πŸ™‚ ❀


Florence Henderson, ‘The Brady Bunch’ Matriarch, Dies


Florence Henderson, actress and singer, who portrayed Carol Brady on the ABC-TV comedy series, The Brady Bunch, died Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). She was 82.

According to other news sources, Henderson may have died of heart failure.

Born in Dale, Indiana on Feb. 14, 1934, she was the youngest of 10 children, Henderson made her debut on Broadway in the 1952 musical Wish You Were Here. In 1962, she became the first woman to guest host The Tonight Show, post-Jack Paar and pre-Johnny Carson. She was known as the “TODAY Girl” on NBC’s TODAY Show, reporting the news and weather. However, Henderson was best known for her iconic role of playing the matriarch on The Brady Bunch, which ran from 1969 to 1974. She also starred in other Brady Bunch series’, including The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), The Brady Brides (1981) and The Bradys (1990). She was also a spokeswoman for Wesson Cooking Oil for 20 years, from 1976 to 1996. In 2010, she appeared as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and was recently seen in the audience cheering on the Nov. 21 season finale.

Henderson is survived by her four children and five grandchildren.

Read more about Florence Henderson here.