Wonder Woman


Just saw the film Wonder Woman.Β As a child, I often watched actress Lynda Carter’s portrayal of this heroic woman, one who epitomized strength, intelligence, compassion and beauty. She was someone I always strived to be. Two years ago and up until now, I found myself in a similar situation–only sometimes I feel I lack one of WW’s best qualities.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the present day Wonder Woman was outstanding! She’s been handed the torch and has exemplified everything the original Wonder Woman was…and more.

And kudos to director Patty Jenkins for directing this amazing film, whose character has empowered little girls and adult women everywhere to always follow your dreams, to strive for the best, to not be dependent on others–specifically a man–and to use what you already have to make this a better world for YOUrself and for those you care about.

The added bonus in the film: Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. 😍

The best line in the film: “Be careful in the world of men, Diana, for they do not deserve you.”

Liar, Liar…Pants On Fire

Have you ever felt like you don’t matter to people?

One thing I can’tΒ tolerate is someone who is dishonest and is all talk and no action. I know a friend of two people very close to me, whose family is considered well off due to her parents’ former positions in the community. She too followed in their footsteps and is doing alright for herself.

What I don’t appreciate is someone who makes a promise to do something with you, but doesn’t keep her promise. I understand you have other things going on in your life–like being there for your family. However, when you make time to join those close to me and hang out with them, well…it makes you look phony and that you only prefer hanging out with those of the same social status.

I’ve moved on, but it just bugs me that people can treat others this way. 😠 It’s like they really had no intention to be there for you and that you never mattered to them.