Born On This Day: Donny Osmond

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite singers, Donny Osmond!

Ironically, a week from today, I’m seeing Donny and Marie perform live!

A little trivia: The Donny & Marie Show was my first television memory and Donny was my first celebrity crush. My very first concert was at age 13, when I saw Donny and Marie perform at the same venue where I’ll be seeing them perform Dec. 16th! In fact, my older brother (he and I basically have the same relationship Donny has with Marie…along with some witty banter) took me to this show and as I recall, Donny ran around the entire venue during the concert. My brother then told me to pull out my hand–which I did–and as Donny ran by us, he shook it. After this moment, I literally didn’t wash my right hand for the next three days! πŸ˜€

At the top of my bucket list is to meet these down-to-earth, talented siblings, who I’ve always felt a connection with and whose humor, and music have inspired me throughout my life. πŸ™‚ ❀

On This Day In History: ‘Donny & Marie’ TV Series Turns 40

It was 40 years ago today that the Donny & Marie variety television series premiered on ABC. Real-life, singing siblings, Donny and Marie Osmond brought their unique blend of style (i.e. collared shirts, purple socks and superb ice-skating moves… yes, it was the mid-1970’s) and witty banter to the small screen, while acting in comedy skits and then performing a song or two.

Every Friday, the siblings welcomed legendary guest stars to their show, including Bob Hope, Desi Arnaz, Andy Williams, Betty White, Olivia Newton-John, Sonny and Cher and many more.

The show ended each week with the duos’ signature song…

Born on this Day: Donny Osmond

Born Dec. 9, 1957, Donny Osmond began his singing career at the tender age of five-years-old, alongside his older brothers, on The Andy Williams Show. In the early 1970’s, he and his brothers, Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay, formed a band simply known as The Osmonds. They instantly became a success with such songs as “One Bad Apple,” “Yo-Yo” and “Crazy Horses.”

Donny left the group he formed with his brothers and began a solo career. In 1971, at age 13, he scored his first #1 hit song, “Go Away Little,” then followed by the Paul Anka classic, “Puppy Love.” During this time, he became a teen idol and was seen on countless teen magazine covers.

In 1976, Donny and his sister, Marie, starred in their own ABC-TV variety show called Donny & Marie. The show was on ABC for three seasons and got the chance to work with many notable guest stars. Donny and Marie went on to record seven albums as a singing duo.

In 1989, with the help of singer-songwriter, musician Peter Gabriel, Osmond made a comeback with the hit song “Soldier of Love,” which was then followed by “Sacred Emotion.”

Since 2008, Donny and Marie have been performing a 90-minute show at the Flamingo Hotel. Fans get to see them perform several songs together, as well as see them perform solo…all backed up by several dancers and a nine-piece band.

In Fall 2009, Osmond appeared as a contestant on ABC-TV’s Dancing With the Stars to prove that he was a better dancer than his sister (Marie appeared on the show in the Fall of 2007 and came in third place). He won first place.

Osmond is an accomplished singer, musician, dancer, actor, record producer and author. But I’m certain he would say his best roles would be as husband, father of five boys and grandfather to six. πŸ™‚