‘Miracles From Heaven’ Film Speaks For Itself

I finally got to see the film Miracles From Heaven, starring Jennifer Garner and Martin Henderson. The film centers on Anna Beam, a 10-year-old girl from Burleson, Texas, who lives with a rare, incurable disorder in which she’s unable to digest food. Her devoted mother Christy (played by Garner) doesn’t stop in trying to save her daughter.

My mother–who hadn’t been to the movies “in ages”–accompanied me and I’m glad she did because the film really touched the both of us. It reminded me of what I was feeling when my mother was in the hospital last July. 😦

Miracles From Heaven was by far one of the best films I’ve seen to date. Just a warning: bring a couple packs of Kleenex with you because you’re going to need them!

Kudos to Kylie Rogers, the young actress who portrays Garner and Henderson’s ill daughter, Anna. She did an amazing job in the role!

All I’ll say about the film is this: Heartwarming. Funny. Sad. Faith. Miracles. 😦 🙂


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