30 Years Ago Today: Rick ‘Ricky’ Nelson Dies

On this day in music history: On Dec. 31, 1985, the breaking news all over the radio and all over television screens was that actor, singer, musician and former teen idol Rick ‘Ricky’ Nelson had been killed in a plane crash in DeKalb, Texas, alongside his fiancee Helen Blair and members from Nelson’s band.

Having watched reruns of “The Ozzie & Harriet Show,” I couldn’t help but have a crush on the young man on my TV screen, although in reality, he was already old enough to be my father! I’m sad I never got the opportunity to see him perform live in concert or that I never got to meet him. Nelson seemed like he was a genuine and shy man, who loved his craft.

Rick Nelson’s music will continue to live on forever so that many more generations can enjoy his Rockabilly-Pop-Rock sound. šŸŽ­ šŸ“ŗ šŸŽ„ šŸŽµ



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