End of Vacation

Alas, today is my LAST day of freedom = the end of my winter break. 😦 Now begins the countdown until graduation! Is it May yet?! 😀 📚 🎉

Preparing For Finals

It’s more like: 1 take-home exam + 1 project for my sociology class; 1 project + 1 website copy + 1 essay + 1 query letter for seminar class; 1 essay + 1 email for TV class…ALL due within the next 2 weeks!

I’ll be celebrating the end of the semester by getting some much needed rest = sleep.  😪  😀

The results are in…


I just found out my grades for the fall 2014 semester. I got three A’s! Disclaimer: I actually received two A’s and one A-. I seriously can’t recall the last time I received a grade with a minus in it.

What I find ironic about the course I received the minus in was that this was the only course I never missed a day of all semester!

I am now counting down the months until my last semester (I have two more left) and until I finally receive my degree (in about 11 months)!  🙂